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Choosing a bookkeeper shouldn’t be difficult.

Successful bookkeeping requires a strong relationship between you and your bookkeeper. At a minimum, also make sure that your bookkeeper has these three traits:


The minimum

Your bookkeeper keeps an open line of communication with you, regularly providing details about your business and always responds in a timely manner.

Our difference

Call, email, text or carrier pigeon. We always respond quickly.


The minimum

Your bookkeeper pays close attention to detail, understands the nuances that come with your business, and proactively looks for ways to prevent mistakes.

Our difference

We regularly conduct internal account reviews and provide reports to ensure that you have full visibility into your financials.


The minimum


Your bookkeeper knows that your time is limited and creates efficiencies to ensure that they get the work done on a timeline that works for you.

Our difference

Using technology and experience, we suggest time-saving ways to go about every-day tasks that will help your business run smoothly.


While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take your business seriously. And we do it all with minimal effort on your side. We pride ourselves on the bonds we build with our clients – see for yourself.

We at Linart Business Services are eager to assist you on your bookkeeping matters.

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